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Team Presentation Videos 

SPORTING EVENTS “Another great job on the video. If you ever need a reference on the quality of your work, please let me know. All loved the addition of the “Lady Warriors?” part and the written reference at the end recognizing their participation in the state championship games. Each year you seem to add more “special effects” that enhances the quality of the video.”       John Borden (president of the Penn Trafford girls soccer boosters) 

Sport Recruiting Videos

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Success Story
"I wanted to pass on a compliment. Mikey and I visited Virginia Tech Thursday - Saturday. The assistant coach was talking about his highlight video that you made and said it was probably the best video that he's ever seen. He said it was obviously professionally done, he thought it was high quality. This guy has been coaching at college level 15 years, including Penn State, James Madison, and some school in Midwest.

The whole thing started with the video. Mikey sent them an email with his tournament schedule, and he included a YouTube link to the video. The coach watched the video, emailed back, and two weeks later two assistant coaches came to Pgh on a weeknight to watch his practice (that was two weeks ago). They invited him to visit the campus, so we went Thursday. It worked out - he verbally committed this weekend. Thanks for your help."

Mike Wilkie (dad)

SAMPLE Skill-Set Video

Sample Highlight Video using home footage

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