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  • Tracy Sanders

An Exciting Weekend With Neighborhood Ford Store and the Steelers

We had a busy, fun-filled weekend working with Neighborhood Ford Store. It started on Friday evening at Stage AE with the Rock Steelers Style fashion show. Kiya Tomlin was there promoting her Steelers yowie that she designed for the Neighborhood Ford Store. The Steelers did a great job modeling some very fashionable clothes. It was an awesome party!

There was a Steeler tailgate party at the South Side Works on Saturday. Rocky Bleier was interviewed and was promoting Presents for Patients.

Sunday there was a lot of pre-game action . The Neighborhood Ford Store continued their Toughest

Tailgate Party before the big game on Art Rooney Avenue between gates A & B. Fans were invited to test their football throwing skills into a target in the bed of a hanging Ford F-150.

Great weather, great causes. Thank you Neighborhood Ford Store and Pittsburgh Steelers!

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