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Don’t Forget to Book Your Wedding Video!

A wedding video is a very important part of your day. There are many things that you will miss throughout your special day and also, things that you won’t remember because the day goes by so quickly. Here is a great article that was found on

Wow! I wish someone had handed this flier to me 10 years ago!

We didn’t hire a videographer nor did we know the importance of having such memories at hand for the future when our sons would ask us questions of our wedding day. Our friend (whom we love dearly and are in no way upset with) forgot to turn on our camcorder.. and were okay with it when he told us that day. April 26th, 2003 we had our wedding at around noon by the Arkansas River in Fort Smith, AR. Small, short, and sweet but remarkably unforgettable to us–EXCEPT for the parts we can’t seem to remember. The words he whispered to me during a song. The dancing or the conversations we had with others that day. So many details–forgotten after all these years. That’s why I stress so much to others why I feel a wedding video is so incredibly important. There were tears of joy and so many sweet sweet things Chris said to me that I wish now I could remember. We were young and nervous yet so excited. I am still rummaging through all of our photos to share what I do remember and give you small glimpse of our wedding day–and I promise I will not let myself get so busy that it becomes 6 months to post again! Also since then, little did we know that we’d be losing 3 cherished members of our family in the next few years to come. I’d love to hear my Grandma Doris’s and my Grandpa Audrey’s laugh again and the funny grumbles and hilarious remarks of Chris’s stepfather Renfro. You never know what is to come and what all you will see in a wedding video. We actually had a client text us who was very grateful to have a video for that very reason. Here’s what she wrote us (and I left the names blank for privacy reasons):

“Hi Chris! Just wanted you and Kim to know how much we all loved ___ and ___’s wedding video-you two did an outstanding job and it is such a treasured keepsake! It was so special too because after the kids’ wedding our family suffered a terrible loss of our fun loving uncle-the bald headed man that was taking pictures of everyone at our wedding- a terrible horseback riding accident in Colorado. What a thrill for us to see him in the video :). We even had a chance to show his widow and she loved every minute of it! Seriously it has brought so much joy to all of us-not only because of the beautiful occasion but because we can cherish our special time together as a family. Thank you for all of your hard work.”

We fought back tears. It’s not only for you as a husband and wife to celebrate your union together-but can be a cherished memory for an entire family.

That is why a video is so important. Pictures are very important also, and we’d never say otherwise, but with video you can see and hear so much more.

Part 2 of OUR wedding day and why I would’ve loved to had it all caught on camera!

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