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We Support the UMDF

The United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation (UMDF) held their Energy For Life Walk-a-Thon on Saturday June 2 on Pittsburgh’s North Shore. It was a chilly Saturday morning, but it was a great turn out.

“Thank you Tracy and James for donating the video to us! The UMDF staff LOVES it!”

“Absolutely fabulous!!! Thank you Alison for bringing your friend’s talents to our Walk!!!”

“I agree! Great video! Thanks Alison!”

“Wow!!! Look at our EFL Pittsburgh video that our videographer did for us!! It is absolutely amazing!!!!! It makes me so proud of all we have accomplished!!! Thank you Alison for getting their services as a kind donor!!! I still have chills…”

“That was over the top!”

“That is pretty awesome!!!!”

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